How to Knock a Bravebird from Her Perch

Bravebird Publishing


The Morrow family saga begins...

At just seventeen years old, Belinda finds herself orphaned and alone. When the handsome, self-assured Ricky Morrow proposes marriage she agrees without a second thought. A decision she will soon come to regret...

Belinda gives birth to their first child--a baby girl. Ricky makes good on his promise to provide for her and she rewards him with another baby girl, then a third and fourth. Still, life as Mrs. Ricky Morrow is not without its sacrifices. Her body, pride, and even her sanity are at the mercy of a husband who would rather see her dead and broken than happy and free.

To survive, Belinda must be as cold and vicious as Ricky. But will she lose her girls in the process?

2014 IPPY Book Award Gold Medal (Multicultural Fiction)
2015 Readers' Favorite Book Award (Fiction—Social Issues)

Simmons challenges the reader to face their preconceived notions about domestic abuse. —Grab the Lapels

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Pages  310, 308, 352
LCCN 2015949844
ISBN 978-1943989003, 978-1943989034, 978-0985751616, 978-0985751661
Genre Family Life Fiction / African American Fiction / Coming of Age

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