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Bravebird Publishing is a boutique publisher that publishes fiction from a feminist perspective. 

Bravebird Publishing

We believe the themes of feminism can apply to all genres from Science Fiction to Memoir, and to both male and female characters. Feminism is about the equality of the sexes, for better or for worse. Men are not always strong. Women are not always emotional. Feminism sets both genders free to be individuals and this has meaning beyond the obvious. Consider the implications of feminism in regard to heterosexuality, homosexuality, economics, crime, family dynamics, workplace dynamics, and much more. All of this plays a role in fiction.

So, where are the leading roles for powerful, magnetic women? Despite the many gains we've made as a society women are still marginalized in the entertainment industry. In literature, the rise of women's fiction has brought attention to this issue but the problem still exists. Why are leading women exiled from certain genres altogether? In many cases, if she's not the victim or the sidekick, then she doesn't exist.

We publish stories that bring issues to light that would've otherwise remained in the dark. As you delve into our stories and meet our characters, you will find yourself pondering your ideas and feelings, and come out the other side motivated to change the world. We promise our readers entertainment and empowerment.

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Bravebird Books partners with writers who've chosen the self-publishing route.

about bravebird booksWe believe all stories deserve the same level of professionalism. So, we partner with writers who take their craft seriously and want to produce a first-class product that will compete in the larger market. So, we offer access to our cadre of top-tier professionals on a per service basis. Click here to see what services we offer.