Blue Sky, the Second Novel in the Riveting Morrow Girls Series, Garners Attention for Emerging Author

July 21, 2015

Blue Sky   D. Bryant Simmons   Morrow Girls Series  

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D. Bryant SimmonsWinner of the 2014 Independent Publisher Gold Medal Book Award for multicultural fiction, D. Bryant Simmons is proud to announce the publication of Blue Sky, her second novel in the wildly popular Morrow Girl series of books vividly depicting the lives of an abused mother and her daughters as they strive to find love, meaning and peace in their tumultuous lives. 

Brilliantly written with clarity, compassion and an absorbing sense of immediacy, Blue Sky continues the saga of Pecan and her daughters as they laugh, cry, hope, dream and live their lives with amazing fortitude and loyalty to each other. Taking the reader from 1987 to 1991, Simmons shows us that, no matter how hard it is for survivors of abuse to cope with the traumatic memories of a harrowing childhood, the Morrow girls manage to keep it together by relying on their inner strength, their sensitivity to the world around them and their love for their mother and each other. 

From Blue Sky: "Jackie's cries rang in my ears, but I couldn't make her out. Couldn't distinguish her from the other bodies on our front lawn. Even that didn't last very long before we took a right at the corner and sped away from the only home I ever knew".

Currently, Blue Sky is available as a Kindle e-book and will be out in paperback on October 6, 2015. Considered one of the most well-written and refreshingly poignant novels for young adults and adults to come out in over a decade, Blue Sky not only examines today's important social issues but also offers provocative perspectives concerning moral challenges, jealousy, trust, family conflicts and growing up in an often unforgiving and bewildering world. 

For more information about Blue Sky, visit the Morrow Girls website.

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